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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Halga's Last Stand (Revised) 

Good Halga was thegned
by King Magnus's hands
to stand by him always
was ever his plan

Foeghn winds howling
Hraesvelg's great fury spanned
On the dark day when Halga
Made his last stand

Magnus the gracious
held high command
in the battle 'gainst traitors
in greed for his land

Spears pricked the sky
clouds wept on the sand
on the day that good Halga
made his last stand

So swords spake their words
waving battle brands
sent Magnus a death wound
by cruel Nornir hands

Good Magnus lay dying
with sword in his hand
on the dark day when Halga
made his last stand

Halga fled from the battle
Magnus born by his hands
pursued by the traitors
who ravaged the land

The betrayers so gracious
made an offer most grand
'Leave the body of Magnus
drop your sword from your hand.'

By Magnus stood Halga
though he was outmanned
"Come hither and claim him
for here will I stand."

The fierce blade of Halga
made a carnage most grand
Though by numbers they slew him
Hed broken their band

Faithful Halga was carried
by soft breezes fanned
claimed by Valhalla
when he made his last stand

Matthias Wilson

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