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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail To the Gods of the North!


Hail to the Gods of the North!
Hail to the Ćsir! Hail to the Vanir!
Hail, you to whom we are trú!
You, who teach us to honour our oaths,
And to give our trust only to those who are worthy.
You, who show us that kinship is stronger than steel,
And teach us the value of friendship, faith and frith.
You, who pass down to us the runes,
The very script of our souls.
You, who teach us that courage is greater than gold,
And fear is fool's currency.
You, who show us that how we are known is all we leave when we die,
And thus, that honour is all.
To you, we lift our eyes;
To you, we extend our hands;
To you, we open our hearts;
To you we raise our voices!
Hail! Hail! Thrice, Hail!


© Gary Penzler


Virtual Hof of Gary Penzler


Image: "Offerscene" by J.L. Lund, 19th century Danish painter


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