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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail to the Einherjar!

Ošinn! Hear our call!
We gather to do honour
In the name of the Einherjar,
Battle-slain and honour-given,
Your chosen warriors against darkness!
Know, too, that we honour those
Who wager their lives for
The safety of others:
Those who saw the face of war
And were not chosen to die;
Those who do service now
For their nation and their people;
Those who stand to protect us
From nišlings and outcasts;
Those who fight to save us
And banish the breath of Surt.
Know that these are Heroes all,
And we remember them in our prayers.
Hail to the Einherjar
And Heroes, all!
Hail! Hail! Thrice, Hail!

© Gary Penzler       Virtual Hof of Gary Penzler

Image: Faux stained glass art © Analemma McKee Burrows
Analemma“s Heathen Glass Art

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