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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Hail to thee

Hail to thee, Frigga
Friend of the foundlings,
Finding fair reason
In the roving of runes,

Hail to Handmaidens,
Who Hearten the Hearthlight,
Enliven our lives with
The light of the runes,

Hail to thee, Heimdall,
Hither we hasten,
To meet in this moment
To marry the runes,

Hail to thee, Teachers,
Norns and All-Father,
Faring as family,
We feast on the runes,

Hail to thee Gefjon,
Gift of the Goddess,
All the world's wyrd
Is wound in the runes,

Hal to thee, Vor,
Casting vast visions,
We invite our ancestors,
As we sing the runes,

Hail to thee husband,
heart of my heart,
As we feast in the fullness,
Fashioned by runes,

Hail to thee daughters,
Delighting in dancing,
Your family's frith
Finds you safe in the runes,

Hail to thee old ones,
Hail to thee, Allfar
Finding your fullness
In the freedom of runes, 

Hail to thee, Hearthmates,
Hearty in wisdom,
Spin Sisters, Broom Sages,
In this circle of runes......

We all come to wisdom
Through the doorway of the runes...

Hazel-Kate Dooley

Image: Analemma McKee Burrows, faux stained glass.

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