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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail the Golden God

You are the joy-bringer of Asgard´s halls,
A God of light and laughter, gentle pleasures
And a magnificent strength of such virility, such might
That well I understand how Your wife was first moved
By the sight of You,
Standing aching, hungry and heart-sore
I a sacred grove,
Strung between worlds
Beneath Mani´s light.
Well I know how the two of You
Became each other´s sanctuary,
Each enfolding the Other
In desire and liquid heat
Until the worlds fell away
And there was only the ecstasy
Of hands, lips, tongues and flame:
A serenade of ecstatic moans
Heralding the union of shadow and light
Beneath the gaze of the silent moon,
Who is good at keeping secrets
And will never tell
Of the sweetness
Of Your surrender.

© Galina Krasskova


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