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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Hail Sinthgunt


Hail Sinthgunt, She who walks between darkness and light.
Hail Sinthgunt, who dances boldly in the places where manifestation began.
Hail Sinthgunt, Mighty Maga, wise in the ways of incantation and power.
Hail Sinthgunt, Daughter of Mundilfari, Gleaming Jewel in the House of Time.
Hail Sinthgunt, Rider of the Cosmos, who knots the ends of time back upon the threads of their beginnings.
Hail Sinthgunt, Cunning Healer, skilled in the ways of mending and restoration.
Hail Sinthgunt, fierce Warrior, first in battle, leading the charge.
Hail Sinthgunt, Companion of Nott, friend of Dagr, guardian of the house of the sky.
Hail Sinthgunt, Shining Star, holder of many secrets.
Hail Sinthgunt, Sister of Mani, glittering blade to Her brother's gentle might.
Hail Sinthgunt, Sunna's Sibling, Shadow to the Day-rider's light.
Hail Sinthgunt, wisest of teachers, patient instructor, please bless me tonight.

Sophie Oberlander


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