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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail Sif

Hail Sif!
Golden goddess
Wife of Thunder
I think of you when
Gazing across the field
The golden shimmers 
Across the swaying grass
Bring to mind your tales
How Loki stole
Your flowing locks
Bringing Thundering wrath
Upon his scheming head
But true to his ways
Loki made good
And gave you a golden gift
Sif, honored one
At this time of year
I feel you strongly
Hail to you Sif
Wife of Thor
Mother of Ullr
Mother of Trude
Step-Mother of Magni and Modi
Hail to you Sif
Hallow and bless
Our families
As you’ve hallowed
And blessed your own
Hold us together and
Remind us of the warmth
Not just of blood
But of extended kin
Hail Sif, our friend
Be with us
And watch over us

© Jeff Wolf


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