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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail Loki

Hail Loki,
God of unexpected joy,
of innocent and not so innocent pleasures,
Who brings delight to the heart,
laughter to the lips,
and freedom to the often tight fetters
of our minds.
Ever and always will I praise You.

Like a whirlwind adoration shall flow
from every hidden cavern of my heart
for You.
I shall revel in it,
and give myself to its dance.

Like wildfire,
I yearn for You,
as the dry and brittle tinder
of an overgrown wood
yearns for the cleansing kiss
of flame.

Like the pounding roar of the oceanís waters,
ever shall I batter away
at the rocky shoals of my fears
that keep me from racing with You
boldly, like hungry falcons on the wing,
into the upward swell of joy
that only You, know so well how to tease
out of the untilled soil of our hearts.

For You, Loki,
I will set my world on fire,
and take delight
in the beauty of its colors.

© Galina Krasskova

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