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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail Hlin


Weapons wise and wondrous warrior,
Friend and counselor of Frigga,
firm of resolve, unwavering in loyalty,
I hail You with honor and respect.
I call upon You Hlin,
Who shares the sting of the All-Mother’s anguish.
I call upon You wise Goddess
Who provides counsel to all those in sorrow.
I hail You Hlin,
Who stands as a shield before those
favored of Frigga,
Who keeps them safe, driving away all harm.
Oh Vanquisher of malignancy, Consoler of sorrows:
You know grief as only a warrior can.
You who combat Frigga’s foes bringing safety and security,
Look gently upon us here.
Enfold us in Your protection.
Teach us to thrive even beneath the weight of our grieving.
Teach us the proper way to remember our dead.
Grant us the grace of survival with our hearts and spirits intact
for grief is a terrible thing, a terrible weight to bear alone.
Help us to shoulder it well, wise Counselor.
Help us to shoulder it well.
Oh wise warrior,
Bless us with Your counsel.
Hail Hlin.

© Galina Krasskova 

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