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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Behold the night
I'm standing by your side
Stars will shine
Till the end of the fight
Sorrow and pain
Tonight we will give
Enemies will fall
And we will be so strong

My shield will shine
And your soul will be mine
My sword will glow
And my rage I will show
Aware of my doom
By the light of the moon
Beast shall rest
Only when you're dead

Time has come
And the battle starts
I don't care if I die
In Valhall I'll ride
Screams of pain
Is written by your fate
King must be killed
And you will be defied

Die by my hand
You never take my land
Run as you can
It's time to feel my wrath
Do not resist
Cause you're the next in list
Our enemies will fall
Odhinn hear this call

King is dead
By my own hand
Run to the ships
And leave these battlefields
Victory arrived
And we are full of pride
Our swords raise high
And we all yell Hail!

Hildr Valkyrie

Lyrics from her CD "Deceitful Fate" (2004)

All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved by Hildr Valkyrie .

Image: Tama 1994

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