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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



This cycle of Haiku on the Nine Noble Virtues is dedicated 
to my kindred in the Arkansas Asatru Hearth.

Rurik Ivanovich Orlov
10 Harvest 2254 R.E.


13 Haymoon 2254 R.E.

Nine Noble Virtues –
Great forefathers’ heritage –
Ever guide my path.

29 Haymoon 2254 R.E.

Timid, fearful heart
Never shall give peace of soul,
Though it prolong life.

29 Haymoon 2254 R.E.

Whence cometh my help?
My help cometh from within.
The gods honor strength.

31 Haymoon 2254 R.E.

Weary traveler,
Honor me: share my hearth and
Let me hear your tale.

31 Haymoon 2254 R.E.

There is much to do.
May my efforts please the gods
And strengthen my soul.

31 Haymoon 2254 R.E.

My will is iron.
I will fight and heed no wounds;
Valor shall not fail.



1 Harvest 2254 R.E.

One thing will I be
If I master not myself:
Master of nothing.

6 Harvest 2254 R.E.

I am but the sum
Of my deeds, both good and ill.
Let nobleness rule.

9 Harvest 2254 R.E.

With gods, clan, and hearth -
Fate captures us together.
I have pledged my faith.

10 Harvest 2254 R.E.

My soul is not free
Lest one duty I fulfill:
Ever to speak true.

10 Harvest 2254 R.E.

What my fathers gave,
I bequeath to my offspring:
Life led by virtue.




© Rurik Orlov

Copyrighted by the author. No use without permission.

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