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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




Nine days ago Njordh left her hall
And to the beach returned,
The shining bride was in his wain,
The one for which he yearned.

The gulls cooed softly all day long,
The waves made song all night;
He spread his gold before his bride,
The sun shone off it bright

"My father's wealth", the goddess said,
"Does pale compared to this;
But nine days long I've lingered here,
My home I do so miss.

"The screech of gulls cannot replace
The song of wolf and crow,
Nor can the sea, reflecting sun,
Match moonlight on the snow." 

And so she kissed his bearded cheek
And quickly turned around;
He knew he could not change her mind
So neither made a sound

He watched her wend her way back home
Then stared across the sea;
He thought of life without her now
And of what ne'er could be:

"The wind does yield at my command,
The tides obey me still
But all the power at my hand
Could never change her will.

"Sometimes within my timbered halls
My thoughts and prayers return
To the shining bride of the gods
For whom I'll always yearn."

Joe Mandato, Vingolf Fellowship

"Skadi's longing for the Mountains", 1908, by W.G. Collingwood (1854 - 1932). Public domain.

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