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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Spears marching silent - strong as a thicket
Helms, hauberks, shields, swords worn proudly
Warriors strong and brave

Long trek, march-martial
Over hills and rivers-rushing
Through the glen and in the dale

Cross the whale-roads' teeming water
Ships sinking, dangers dreary
From Valhalla, hearth-hall of hosts

In the twilight terrible
Shining eyes of Gods and men,
Gathered, waiting to defend

Come swiftly-silent swooping south
The fearsome foe
Frost giants cold and cruel

Waiting arrayed for battle-brave
Fair Gods great in goodness
Now most wroth and grim

Standing beside hale heroes
Hosts of men
Chosen for an age

From their hall-home full of feasting
Come now for this fight
Most fair fee long-paid in full

Slowly, subtly the lines, leaguer laying
Join for battle-bloody
Settle now and ever the quarrel ancient

Light laughing, Dark's dimness daunting
Fire hitting ice, cooling quenching
In the moving mist great shapes struggle

Chaos' cruel cunning
Great God's goodness
Mortal foes-mighty matched

Cries of battle joined justly
Clash of weapons warily wielded
Fighting tooth and nail

Eyes and ears above
Righteous ravens flying news
To the one-eyed lord

Dark and cold are not alone
Fearsome allies fight
Fenris finally free

Violent venom dripping
Water wyrm watches waiting
For his foe, hammer-weilding

Hammer hurled hewing foes
Red bearded, bushy brows
Thor laughs at the last

Mighty conflict, tremendous trial
All lie slain on ice, blood-slick
Start the cycle again

Round and round repeating ever
Light and dark, warm and cold
A struggle every year


© Matt Ottercat 1994-10-15

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Image: "Götterdämmerung", Knut Ekwall, 1873

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