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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Give Gladly

Will glee and glory come on the latest day?
Or gloom and glum at night be drawn the lot?
A wholesome husband may wonder but worries not:
All his cunning he gave to kith and kin at the start.

Whether Wyrd brings weal or woe while life still lasts,
Is a question best left unknown to the sons of men.
It is not his to choose fair weather or foul,
or the hour of the Ancestors' Calling.

All that really need be known,
As each new moment is laid down and rested,
Is that to his kith and kin he is gladly given,
whether with his life or his death he does them honour,

As Wyrd requires, So must it be.

As Wyrd brings the rising and falling of the tides,
lays low the mountains and makes high the lowlands,
brings wights into being and then unshapes them,
hurls stars across the nine heavens,

Never the same moment twice,
is Wyrd's decree.
Change is mighty Wyrd's domain.
So must it be.

So the wholesome husband may wonder but worries not.
He finds as much joy in giving rise to life,
as he finds in giving his death should Wyrd require.
In any event, he bravely gives it gladly,

Knowing his folk are the well whence he sprang,
and to which he shall return,
when the Ancestors shall come calling,
and living kin shall toast his glory.

So must it be.

2007 Dan Ralph Miller   

Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop

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