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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Gerd of the Forest

White arms, golden hair,
eyes as green as emeralds—
You dance your way into my heart,
as among the trees we play hide and seek—
Your laughter rings through the woods,
knowing nymph, your footstep leaves no trace,
and yet they call you Jotun.
Gerd I name Thee—
Bride of Freyr
you spend your days alone
but for the Alvs and the wild animals
those creatures who fear not
one who was never meant to be here—
You don´t mind,
for in this do you find a sacred release,
mind seeking as your body hides,
a quest that goes ever upward, onward,
teaching you the proper ways of being beyond the skin
that most feel secures them to their place;
beyond the beauty that radiates from your face.
And when your love comes upon you,
even Sunna´s rays are paled to the gold that is released
shining from your pores, from your essence
vibrating upon your voice—
Birds begin to sing, and are balked
by your ardor.
Children have learned only of you
as the Jotun who tried to defy Freyr and failed—
Threatened by Skirnir,
bowing to necessity,
melting to the final touch of love
that comes from the Lord of the Alvs—
But they know nothing of the joy that comes after,
the gentle glance, the half smiles,
dancing in the moonlight as gentle wind ruffles your hair,
given to yourself as you sacrificed a life best left behind,
ice castles melting,
exchanged for the pungent smell of pine—
Birth waters gushing forths,
a child giving the greatest gift of all—
You as a mother,
no longer dependent daughter,
waiting on the word of a non-communicative father—
Now your days are spent
in nurturing the child within
as you raise and give rise to the child who grows,
she walks tall knowing she is loved,
she walks silent knowing each place in this wood,
she creeps liek every growing thing,
she mirrors your very heart,
Gerd, your gentle soul seeps into us all
we welcome Thee.

© Ayla Wolffe

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Image: "Forest Mist". Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser, www.JonathonArt.com.   Used according to license.


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