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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Fylgia - Companion on Midgard

From the day of your birth she is there,
Wishless,  yet she´s all good wishes,
Contented, but full of love,
Alone, but always companion.

She also goes with you on your last way,
Restless she is, but she grants rest,
Invisible and yet palpable,
Without a need for herself, yet caring.

Everyone has one, even though she stays unseen.
Everyone has one, even though they all are different.
Everyone has one as his companion in Midgard.
Fylgias there are many, but only one of them´s yours.



© German Original:  Michael Schütz  -  Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
© Translation: Michaela Macha
Image: "Falling Leaves",
John Melhuish Strudwick, British painter (1849-1935)

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