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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I am the Gray King that cannot be seen,
Though my single eye sees all things, I ween.
I am enthroned atop the highest peak,
Yet I am the stranger with whom you speak.

I reside with Divine Congregation
And walk the road with no destination.
When I speak, my words are the wisest rede
Which princes and paupers alike take heed.

I am the pinnacle of royalty,
Yet the vagabond without loyalty.
I freely give only to take away;
I freely take to breed strength, not dismay.

I am a philosopher and poet;
I know all things, but do not show it.
I am a hard-hearted warrior trained.
I am the fierce beast that cannot be chained.

I am balance; every act has sequel;
But not all lives shall be treated equal.
For as I made myself through my travels,
Others do the same as time unravels.

I am the Great Father and Instructor;
The Sower, Harvester and Destructor.
I am real, though my form is illusion;
For I am Odin, the perfect Fusion.

© Justin Douglas Blackford
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Image: Low pressure system over Iceland. 
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