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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Frigga the Fair

Hail to Frigga the Fair, Goddess of Home and Hearth,
The Mistress of Marsh-Hall---Her Serene and Safe Garth.
Model of Motherhood---All-Father's Wedded Wife,
Our aid through All ages and All stages of Life.
Hail to the Holy Queen! Hail to Her Handmaids all!
With Love and Loyalty---to One and All we call!

Saga---the Seeress of Past/Present Song-Seeds,
Her Golden Cup filled Full---with all Days and all Deeds.

Eir---our Foremost Physician of Physical-wealth,
She bestows Her blessings---of Harmonious-health.

Gefjon---Mistress of Maidens awaiting Rebirth,
Lovingly She allows---Their merriment and mirth.

Fulla---the Steadfast Sister with Gold-woven hair,
Regal Maid of Riches---Kept safely in Her care.

Sjofn---our Generous Goddess shall Guide and Advise,
As Matron of Marriage---All-knowing and All-wise.

Lofn---ever Praised as the Goddess of Goodwill,
Our passion She permits---Requests She will Fulfill.

Var---the Holy Handmaiden hears True-oaths of Trust,
Word-breakers fear Her wrath---for Var is Fair and Just.

Vor---Frigga's Watchful Warder is ever Aware,
All-Seeing in All-Worlds---Well/Tree-sights She will share.

Syn---Denial-goddess and Divine-defender,
Thewful force within us---She rightly shall render.

Hlin---Guardian Goddess of the Queen's Midgarth kin,
With Her shielding Sig-ways---our Refuge She will win.

Snotra---our Goddess-guide of Silence or Prudent Speech,
Woe-words halted and held---Wisdom-words She shall Teach.

Gna---the Monarch's Messenger rides Her sacred Steed,
Astride horse Hoof-Tosser--She attains Raidho's Rede.
Praise to Frigga the Fair, Asgarth's High Holy Queen,

Within the Well She sees---Ygg's Tree of Evergreen.
Our Silent Seeress---we Worship and Adore,
Her Holy Handmaidens---Bless us Now as Before.
Frigga of Home and Hearth---Woden's Beloved Wife,
Our aid through All ages and All stages of Life!

© Rhonda Turner


Frija/Frigga--Indo-European root for pleasure or beloved

Fulla--the 'full' within her name implies prosperity, as well She tends Frigga's casket of jewels

Garth--enclosure, homestead

Gna--something that towers (gnaefa) when it goes up high

Hlin--Her name means refuge or--hleinir

Lofn--lof (permission), lofat (praised)

Marsh-Hall--Fensalir or "Fen (Marsh) Hall"

Raidho-- (Riding) a rune that "is the symbol of the cosmic law of right ordering in the multiverse, in mankind, and in the soul."  Runelore by Edred Thorsson pg. 118

Sjofn--from Her name affection is called--sjafnis

Snotra--a wise man or woman is called--snotr

Syn--Her name means denial

Thewful--strong, mighty

Var--oaths and contracts are called--varar

Vor--become aware (vor)

Worship--honor, respect

Image: "Frigga", © Giovanni Casselli. Used with permission.

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