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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


From the darkness of earth I arise, Fjorgvin's first daughter,
Bending like the birch tree at the bounds of the glacier.
I am the stillness at the heart of the world, I am its silence,
And tonight the God of Ecstasy will whisper runes in my arms.

Rams with white fleeces roam free round my dwelling;
In my hall stands a loom; Norns spin the thread for my weaving.
It is warped with the fates of the world; only I see the pattern,
And tonight the wisest of gods will lie twined in my arms.

I sit at the head of the hearth, twelve maidens blaze around me,
Sparks spun from my brightness. In their faces I am reflected;
I am all the women of all the worlds. I am the Beloved,
And tonight the Wanderer will come home to my arms.

Giver of Law am I and High Seat of Sovereignty.
Allfather counsels kings, but it is I who choose them.
I teach magic to queens; I give names to the nations,
And tonight the High One will rule all in my arms.

Golden the god I gave birth to, fairest of all living.
All beings I bade help, till Laufey's child betrayed him.
My son will return when all else I love is ended
All this I know, but I say nothing.
And tonight the father of Balder will weep in my arms.

1992 Diana Paxson

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyja of the seidh group Hrafnar.



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