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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A prayer to Frige, Woden's wife and goddess of marriage, households, and children.  
The modern English version is followed by the Anglo-Saxon version.

Frige's Prayer

Hail Frigga Mother--- Woden's mirth,
dear to the folk ---you are light hearted,
hold secrets---and generous are,
with mares and treasures---when the mead is dealt out,
for warriors---at symbel together;
always the princes---you greet first,
first the full---to the lord's hand,
greatness you attain---and for Man counsel know,
Frigga all knowing ---cunning goddess,
Asgard's queen ---pleasing lady.
You guard births---ward the young,
Agnar, Gearöth's son---you sat as King,
Woden you showed---who the ruler was.

(lines 2-7 based on Maxims II)


Hal Frige Módor---myge Wódnes,
lé of mid þín léodum---léohtmód bist,
rúne hieldst---rúmheort bist,
mearum ond máðmum---meduradenne,
for gesiðmægen--- symle aghwar;
eodor æþelinga---arest gegretest,
forman fulle---to Fréan hond,
ricence geracst--- ond rad witst mann,
Frige eallcnáwestre ---fræfel gyden,
Esageardes cwén--- cwémlic hláfidge.
Biergst byrdum--- bearn weardst,
Agnar Gárgiþes sunu ---setede cyning,
Wódne tacede---wealdend wæs.

© Swain Wodening Canote


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Image: "Odin and Frigg", E. Ph. Fleischer

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