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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freyrsman’s Curse

Each dawn I am suffused with your light
Inspiring me
Awakening within me a passion hotter than Wayland’s Forge
Rejuvinating and enlivening
I bask in your warmth through the daylight hours
I am outwardly blinded by You
And yet am blessed to see all that is noble and worthy
Hidden within the heart
You inspire me to feel the depth and power of love
Leaving no part of me sober from its fiery intoxication
But each night when you leave this world
I die along with You
Bereft of Your light I am left barren and despondent
Left to wilt and perish alone in the darkness
Lost in sadness, loneliness, and pain
Listless and shivering as if in the bowels of Helheim
Left in the ruts of your daily sacrificial journey
For Your love I am at once blessed and cursed
For with You I am invincible as the Sword of Destiny
And without You I am left fighting the mightiest foes
With nothing more than an antler
But nothing is sweeter
then living and dying each day with You.

© Gullin Freyrson

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