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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freyr's Despair

From up on high in Odin's seat,
I saw the one I desired to meet.
Her arms they shone as bright as the sun,
I knew at once she was for me the only one.

Instead of joy I became filled with despair,
How could it hurt so much to love one so fair ?
I could not eat, slept not at all,
I asked for no visitors here in my hall.

Father was so worried, he sent Skirnir to speak to me,
I explained to my chamberlain that my heart was not free.
My joy was imprisoned, feared death, I then told,
My love was not with me, I felt so very cold.

I sent loyal Skirnir on an errand of life,
Asked him to woo her and make her my wife.
I gave him my sword that fought by itself,
To obtain my love I'd have given all my wealth.

When Skirnir returned he had Gerd's pledge to marry me,
She promised in nine nights to meet me in Barrey.
Skirnir was happy with the result of his mission,
I shook my head and made a woeful admission.

One night is long Skirnir, the pain will be great !
Longer is a second, can I survive such a wait ?
How shall I endure three, what agony will I incur ?
Shorter has a month seemed, if I am alone without her !

Glenn Bergen, 2012

A Follower Of  The Old Ways

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