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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freyr & Freya
The Divine Twins

Born of the same flesh
Male and Female
Mirror images
Embracing us you come
Your arms encircle each other,
divine sister and brother
Freyr, Freyja
love follows you,
trailing in your wake,
leaves reviving, grass growing,
flowers bloom again.

You are the epitome of life at its greatest,
the blood that flows through you
is like the sap of a tree,
or the freshest of morning dew
Always at the peak point of being renewed
You cleave to one another,
Holy are you
Lord of Light Alfheim
Lady who brings forth life,
leaving sorrow far behind.

The very day bows down before you,
brooks gurgle merrily,
birds sing most becomingly,
bees buzz, gathering pollen busily--

There is not one being in all this world
who does not joy at the coming
of this sacred pair--
Whether they know you or not,
in your loving grace,
your glance, the look upon your face
they soon are captive,
yes they soon are caught--

Languidly you lie beneath a tree,
wrapped in each other's embrace
searching for that part of you
which will complete you,
which was left behind,
in one another's face--

Legs entwined,
arms clasping together
as though making whole
what was torn asunder
the day you completed the journey
from within your mother's womb--

Eyes searching always,
hands held tight,
if seen from afar one would be captured,
held in place, in complete awe,
by the sight--
A golden radiance shines forth,
you merge,
becoming one with each other--

The sun sets now,
bestowing her last rays
of red, gold, rose, lavender
upon you where you lay--
You rise, separating,
becoming yourselves,
content to be
for just one more day--

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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