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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



When sunlight gilds the growing grain,
And scatters gold upon the sea,
When apple-blossom scents the air,
In these things, Freyja, I find Thee.

The mare whose call the stallion summons,
The cat that swift pursues her prey,
Fierce falcons in their mating flight,
All these art Thou, and this Thy play.

Oh, I am drunken with desire!
Love-bright Lady, come to me,
And mirrored in my lover's eyes
Immortal beauty let me see!

I am the dress that Thou dost don,
I am the fuel to feed Thy fire!
Make manifest in me Thy power,
The free fulfillment of desire!

Diana Paxson

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyja of the seidh group Hrafnar.

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