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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Freya´s Halls

Fires burn upon the hearth,
warriors gather to gamble,
knuckle bones roll,
runes are laid,
lots are drawn--
Laughter bursts forth
in hearty gales--

Lovers find shadows
in which to absent themselves;
writhing in ecstatic joy,
flames of passion rising
to new heights--
A lover's paradise--

Skalds make themselves comfortable
by the fireside,
telling tales of battles past
which ended in glory,
filled with battle ecstasy,
the joys of victory.

Mead makes it's way around the hall,
flowing freely into the drinking horns
held out by all
who would drink to past,
make oaths to the future that will be Ragnarok.
The final battle, between men, Gods and Etins.

Tables groan beneath the weight
of hospitality.
Meats of all kinds give off their odors,
beckoning to be tasted,
to be savored.
Breads, and fruits bring their weight too,
the abundance calling forth a sigh of gratitude
to she who lays such before them each day,
each night for all eternity.

Val-Freyja, Vanadis, Giver of Victory,
Great Sow, her names are endless,
her gifts the same.

Cats walk freely in her domain,
wild or domestic they make it their own,
preening themselves,
favoring some with their affections,
it is a place rich with color,
scent and sensations.

This a glimpse is what I see,
when I envision the home of my Lady Freyja.

© Ayla Wolffe

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Image: © Tama 1994

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