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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Frey and Gerda Wedding Blessing

Hail Frey, Golden God of the Vanir,
Hostage and ally of the Aesir,
Wedded in alliance with the Jotnar,
You reach across boundaries
And extend your hands in peace,
Showing that Love can conquer all obstacles,
Showing that Love can encompass all lines
Drawn by outsiders to keep safe their fears,
Showing those boundaries for the illusions
That they most certainly are.
You who gave up your sword for love,
You who gave up your steed for friendship,
You who went defenseless and open
To an uncertain meeting, hoping and believing
That love would make all things right.
Hail Frey, Golden God of the Vanir,
Be with us on this day when we gather
To watch these lovers be united.

Hail Gerda, daughter of Gymir,
Giantess, goddess of the Walled Garden,
Fiercely guarding what is yours,
Keeping your thoughts, your feelings
Close to your stone-strong heart.
Mountain goddess, earth daughter,
Keeper of the roots and herbs,
You hold with love and faithfulness
To your lord Ingvi, even though
Your union sparked debate and hate
On every side, still you held strong.
Even when you cannot be at his side,
Still you are steadfast in your heart.
Even when you must see him be cut down
And do what is necessary, you weep
But never regret, for you understand
That Love is worthy of all obstacles.
Hail Gerda, Etin-bride and guardian,
Be with us on this day when we gather
To watch these lovers be united.
Wedding Closing Blessing

As Frey and Gerda love each other forever
And are eternally newlywed, despite all time,
May you always lick honey from each others’ fingers
And savor the honey of each others’ hearts.
Like the Gods who love despite all disapproval,
May you never let the words of others
Make you swerve in any way from your love.
Like the Gods who will not bear children to be hostage,
May you be able to make hard decisions together,
And may those hard decisions not divide you,
But bring you closer in mutual comfort.
Like the Gods who love beyond all reason,
May you likewise love beyond all reason
And may your love be grounded in the Earth,
Like Vanir soil, like Jotnar mountain stone.
Hail to the Gods of Wedded Bliss
And may their blessings spill forth upon you.

© Raven Kaldera

This poem is from Frey's Shrine.

Northern Tradition Paganism - Prayers, rituals, music & online shrines

Image: Gerd and Freyr by ~Snnanagfashtalli. This work is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License
and was created using this and this stock photo by tigg-stock (RandomActs), permission obtained.

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