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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freyja Calls

Oh Valkyries, corpse goddesses,
Oh choosers of the slain -
I call on you as your mistress
For it's that time again.

You watch the swords, they rise and fall
As warriors fight and die.
Knowing the task I've set you all
With a chosen few you fly.

Depart from here; those noble souls
Into my hall shall stride.
And all the rest, mere shadows now
In Hel's dark realm reside.

Sweet Valkyries, with golden hair
And eyes of darkest blue
In purest white even more fair
Give those chosen men their due.

Till Ragnarok, the final battle,
This duty you must serve.
Then all my daughters I'll assemble
Our honor to preserve.

2004 Rainwalker


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