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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Frau Holda

Hail to Frau Holda, the beautiful and bright,
Crowned and clothed, all in glistening Winter white.

Ay seeking and searching, She sweeps o'er the land,
Scourge for the slovenly, held firmly in hand.

As Holda fares forth, with Her own Holy Host,
May She deem distaffs full, befitting a Yule boast.

For when all is cleanly, content She shall be,
Thus Her bedding she flaps, with a whirlwind flurry.

Soon crisp snowflakes, come falling feather light,
Cleverly She shakes, cloaking the clutter with white.

'Til Earth is enclosed, by a fine fluffy down,
A bedecked beauty, in Her sparkling snow gown.

Heed well and hear, when Holda's housework doth end,
A faint satisfied sigh, for the mess Frau did mend.

© Rhonda Turner

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