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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I carried You once, many years ago.
Unexpectedly and without fanfare You came,
to settle a dispute
that threatened to destroy two friends,
two priests, two holy women
caught in the snare of their own anger.
Unexpectedly You slid into my consciousness,
gently easing me aside, with a sigh:
a sigh of regret that such intervention was necessary,
a sigh of satisfaction because You could intervene
and carried the proper medicine to weave understanding
and peace.

These things I sensed as You seated Yourself in my skin:
clean white linen, edelweiss, an ax that was at once
finely balanced, keenly edged, with a terrible weight.
I saw the field before Your hall
and sensed, for just a moment
at what terrible price Your wisdom had been bought;
and then You were there, weaving threads of discord
into a rich tapestry of understanding.
Still now, all these many years later,
I am grateful for Your mercy,
the salvaging of peace,
the tilling of reconciliation.

Most isolated of Gods,
set apart by the wisdom You carry,
set apart by the tragedy
that rendered You and You alone
best fit to bear the medicine of justice,
may You always be honored.
May we remember You,
Protector of nations,
Who hears the pleas of high and low,
young and old, warrior and civilian alike.
May we learn to call Your name,
before the need for justice
leads us down the road of bloody vengeance,
or eternal shame.
Hear this prayer, Forseti,
and know that within my House,
You shall be ever honored.

Galina Krasskova 

Image: Forseti - Giver Of Lawby Snnanagfashtalli
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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