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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

For Ostara

Winter´s grip withered the world of men,
snow and sleet subdued the land,
ice covers all in awesome splendor,
Sunna´s dawning shines as silver on frozen ground.

Winter wanes, the wheel turns to Ostara,
her blessings brought bright from the east
as morning matures in Midgard´s heights
and dawn deems the doom of hoarfrost.

Crooning of clouds comes in sooth
and fields once frosted find warmth
and begin to bloom. Buds will flowers,
growth and green is granted its first light.

Huddled in homes, Heimdall´s children
endured the arctic wind, now does Ostara call;
turf to be tilled, toil to be started,
for our folk to be favored and thrive.

© Ron Rowand-White

Image: "The Waiting", © Johnathon Earl Bowser, www.johnathonart.com, used by permission

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