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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Forn Siğr´s Statement of Belief

I trust in all
the Aesir and Vanir,
and the universe that rose up
from Ymir´s body.
That a soul for me is given
from the sons of Bor,
and life will rise
after Ragnarok.

My fate is the result
of the spinning Nornir;
Myself I may rule,
which fate I follow;
Bear bad luck,
choose better luck;
whichever fate I meet,
my memory remains set.

The face of the Gods
nobody knows,
we shape their image
which looks like ourselves,
we see the same,
yet see differently;
nobody can say
whose sight is most true.

© Ole Gotved

Transl. from Denish: G. Victoria Gotved/M.Macha

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