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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I stand,
Mead in my left and Hammer in my right.
Before me, the chance of honour and good name.
Beside me, frith and Kin.
Behind me the actions, thoughts and lives of those that have gone before.

I shall not waste
my life nor time on that beyond my control
I shall not hate nor harm in the name of 'difference',
for the man that comes in ignorance
may be seeking our folkway without knowing
what calls to his soul and blood.

I shall act in Justice
upholding the dignity of my father and mother.
I shall act in honour
upholding the Code of the Warrior.
I shall act in Truth
upholding the good name of my family.

I shall judge according to the treatment given me and mine.
I shall act according to our ancient ways.
I shall learn of the past that I repeat not its mistakes.
Above all, I shall raise my head and sight above and beyond
the petty, the deluded, the small minded and,
in the way of the gods, command the respect of my fellows
rather than their animal fear.

© 2003 Janval Phagan

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