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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Adrift and lost, your threads grow thin,
and you try not to yield to despair.
There's a mystery to all you see; do you even care?
Beneath your skin, there's a spark therein
It calls to you, strident and true, to begin
because somewhere out there, beyond wishes and prayer,
is your breath of life, with joy and strife beyond compare,
to help lay bare the light you're concealing within.

When you've resigned to open your mind
and walk the path that they desire
I think you will find, as though stars have aligned,
that the strangest things can transpire.
For when the gods are entwined with the souls of mankind
the whole universe is set on fire.

© Maris Pái

Maris Pái, Huginn's assistant editor, is a heathen witch based out of the West of Ireland.
She is a writer, poet, digital artist and crafter dedicated to finding the sacred in the everyday.


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