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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Fiat Lux

Are these the end-times
Are these the burning-times
Are these the times of fire and ice?

Not with a bang or a whimper

Where are the things impossible
That woven will chain the wolf of war?

Where are the strains of sleep, sorrow and joy
That will turn the tides of panic and fear?

Where are the words that will wake
The complacent that go so willfully blind?

Where the White Rider,
The Hope hid in secret,
The Sleepers who wait for the desperate hour?

We are the Riders,
We hide Hope in our hearts
We must wake our own Sleepers
Make swords of our songs.

We must not cease striving,
We must not cease seeing
We must not cease speaking
Lest madness take all.

By will and truth
May we resist the fear
By holding to hope
May the future hold hope
By loving and being
Doing and seeing
We shall be a beacon

The hour of lead shall not crush us
The hour of fire shall not consume us
The hour of ice shall not freeze us
The hour of death shall not destroy us

In secret
In splendor
In silence
In shouting
In strenght
In stillness
In sacrifice
In survival

We shall endure,
Hold fast,

Jennifer Tifft - Wander's Gallery

Image: "Grill", Markus Gann, www.begann.de, used by permission

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