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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




The kill list is impressive
by anyone's standards.
Vincent, Virginia, Yesenin,
Hart Crane and funny Robin
who made us all laugh
right up to the end,
when we cried instead.
The thing stalked poor
Papa for years before finally
taking him down in Idaho.
And god! I remember that
awful day it got Cobain.
Sylvia was the sweetest morsel of all,
young and beautiful and alone.
It is a rabid mad wolf that
knows all the secrets we
buried too deep to find.
It is the child of all our sins.
Sometimes sluggish, sometimes
raging and hungry and hell-bent
on killing anyone too slow or
too weak to outrun the past.
Any decent god would have
sent his lightning by now
to kill it to cinder and ash
but still it stalks in the shadows
waiting for the right second to
strike and swallow us whole.

Jim Wise


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