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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Far Away Through The Mountains

Far away through the mountains
Beyond of frozen lands
The wikingers were making
Weapons with iron wrath

Their shields so bright were shining
At swords they drawing runs
Protect them to the battle
Protect them not have wounds

They pray to father Odhinn
Before the battle begins
They ride on their horses
And run to battlefield

With steel to hands
And bravery in soul
The wikingers await
The sound of the horn

Father to son
They teach the way to win
Be powerful of all,
So none of them will fall

Far away through the mountains
No fear, no pain.
Far away through the mountains
The battle has begun.

No fear, no pain
No mercy in their veins
Blood upon their swords
And hearts like lions

Crashing the wind
And bring us victory
The Christians will fall
By Odhinn sons.

Hildr Valkyrie

Lyrics from her CD "Deceitful Fate" (2004)

All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved by Hildr Valkyrie .


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