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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ever Searching

Two brothers strode out
To find the shimmering hall
Yet they would search the corners of Earth
And there they would not find their call

And thus we walk
Through lands of snow
To find the place
Of shimmering Gold

Ever searching
Ever climbing
Yet no luck has befallen
And no hall a'shining

The seasons they pass
The years drift on
And yet we wander
Ever anon

Across plains of green
And fields of Gold
We've seen it all
From the new to the old

We've seen what
No eyes ever have seen
We've been where
No feet have ever been

The seasons they pass
The years drift on
And yet we wander
Ever anon

Our hopes they sank
The last bit of food we ate
When finally we hear galloping
Hooves of eight

A man approached
Clothed in ragged blue
One eye he had
And thus he spoke true

What you seek
Is still far away
But if ye keep up hope
You will be prized with what may

And with that, he rode off
And so I heard screaming
Then my eyes awoke
And realized I was dreaming

Desolate lands of snow
What tricks so dark hath thy played
To give man such hope
Just to stomp it away

But on we must go
This journey will not be in vain
Awake my brother

Stiff does his body lay
Pale as the snow that surrounds
He must've gone in his sleep
Calmly and silently as if drown

I will not leave his body here
I shall carry him with me
Though the strength has gone in me
I shall carry him with me

The tears I cry
Freeze on my cheek
And by a stroke of luck
I find a running stream

The stream runs south
It runs to the warmth
And so I sent him on our sled
And so my brother went forth

With all his pack he went
With all the strength of the river
With whatever strength I had
I had to find our treasure

The days had passed
And I was hearing death's call
Until finally one day
I lay down and closed my eyes
And I found the shimmering hall

The two brothers had set out
To find what was not upon this Earth
And after all the long travels and far searching
Had they found what they had searched for?

Jonathan Ridley

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