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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Eldest Place Known

Uller strides oer, mossy backed stones
Following path, older than he
Light is his step, sure is his tread
Unbroken green, lies in his wake

Tall, ancient trees, border the way
Lichened and grey, rippled their trunks
Heavy their limbs, needled quite thick
Scent of their blooms, flavors the air

Woodland Strider, comes to a glade
Stony path fades, into the lea
He pauses not, but walks ahead
Knowing his goal, feeling it near

At mid meadow, Elder One stops
Kneels in the grass, closes his eyes
Looking within, he gathers thoughts
Draws out his knife, slices the sod

Two hands across, five arms in length
Divot he cuts, then rolls the turf
Appearing there, a sharp edged crack
Holding no dirt, dark through bedrock

From deep within, wind issues forth
Icy and hot, at the same time
Yew Lord has oped, womb of the worlds
Ginnungagap, lying in wait

Oath s bends down, puts ear to cleft
He feels the breath, within all things
His inner eye, sees what its sees
His inner ear, hears what it speaks

Muspell, Nifel, Fire and Fog
These two have been, Always, All Where
One is lively, Other is slow
Halves of a Whole, Twins of a sort

He senses then, another Wight
Down in the Dark, dancing, yet still
Puzzlement comes, he knows it not
Tis beyond grasp, of his Lore couth

What could this be, lying within
Birthplace of the, Start of All Things
Then it strikes him, small, witful thought
Tis the play of Ember and Ice

He hears a Song, Wordless and Spare
Deep voice and high, booming and still
Yet it Sings True, deep in his heart
Telling of All, urging It on

Thus he has heard, time and again
Life after life, Worlds after Worlds
Birthing and death, Birthing once more
Nothing is ever, ended for all

Many have come, many will come
Worlds weary God, has and will see
Nothing remains, yet all remains
Beginnings and, Endings are same

Uller sits up, replaces turf
Knife seals up cut, well hiding Gap
Eldest Child, rises to feet
Thinking on That, Which Quickened All

Uller strides oer, mossy backed stones
Following path, back to Yewdales
Light is his step, sure is his tread
Unbroken green, lies in his wake

Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr

Catamount Grange Hearth   .  Poetry books by Pipaskeggr at Cafepress.com

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Image: Illustration of Ullr, from an Icelandic 18th century manuscript. Public Domain

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