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Eld and Hoary Heimdal

Eld and Hoary Heimdal, forefather of the folk,
Happily do we follow in your fair footsteps,
through Hel or high-water, through thick or through thin,
Whatever the eight winds and weather.

Forward can only be, for we cannot turn back,
Hail we then our fallen lads and all our wise old men;
Remember we then those who meant, but do not now walk among us,
Hefty stones we will hoist by the road to their honour.

Eld and Hoary Heimdal, craft cunning Kinsman,
Readily do we give the gift that is needed, both in death and in life;
Boldly will we work each day, whether our days be many or few,
In good stead we will heave timbers into holy halls again.

Beloved Heimdal, Wassail! Wassail!
Beloved Heimdal, Wassail!

Dan Miller 2003       

Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop

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