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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Einherjar Blot

On the wild winds you ride,
the hosts of the battle-slain, through the night skies.
With the howling of wolves and the clashing of spears
And the whoop and the holler of unearthly cheers,
you soar through the stormy skies,
the hunters at Hroptatyr´s side.

On the vast field you fight,
the hosts of the battle-slain, through endless days,
with the croaking of crows and the clashing of spears,
and the eerie, shrill keening of valkyries, tears,
in a frenzy of fierce joy, you slay,
the warriors of Wodan´s might.

In the glad hall you feast,
the hosts of the battle-slain, eve after eve,
drinking mead with the gods in the hall built of spears,
while waiting for Ragnarok through the long years,
with your help Valfather will weave
the victory looked for least.

Here in this hof we wait,
the kind of the battle-slain, on this bright day,
raising up holy horn to the harriers with spears,
to the ones who hold steadfst as the last battle nears,
to your Einherjar, Odin, we pray,
give guidance to free us from fate.

© Laure Lynch     Gate of the Slain     Odhroerir Fellowship

Author of Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
and Water from the Well And Other Wyrd Tales of Odin

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