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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Singer of Celebrations and Sorrows,
The Woe to my Weal, the Weal to my Woe,
Joyous for today, Somber tomorrow,
I wist this is so, for Thy lone eye knows
And sees all that befalls through the Nine Worlds.
Thy wisdom shines through in both kings and churls.

Gaunt Vagabond, Infamous Overlord,
So estranged, and yet so familiar.
In battle, the boon and bane of my sword.
So obvious, yet so peculiar,
Is Thy will for what Thou hast made of me.
Through Wyrdís Well, infinite, yet so empty.

Thou hast led me astray to lead me home.
Thou hast given life to take it away.
Thou clouded my mind to show what Iíve known.
Thou hast granted time only to delay.
Who but Thou is both offense and defense?
Only through Thou do I find my balance.

© Justin Douglas Blackford


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