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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


?Divine Suffering?

hey freya
the stunt with the tears
- yes you know
the thing with the tears of gold
that was a really cheap trick

now, seriously
you don´t really believe
i mean just because you´re a goddess
only because you are apt at it
the knick-knack with liquid gold
and just because you clothe your mourning in a show
- well, do you really believe that has one bit of a meaning

look here freya
even had you cried diamond tears
tears of milk and blood
or even tears of pearlescent light
you could not have chosen
couldn´t have cried
anything more precious

than every
-mute, quiet, loud or raving
than every
-simple, transparent, clear, salty
than every
truly pain-born tear
from the midst of the heart
of a sincere person

so tell me
who drives love with all its faces
in tender looks
in immoderate lust beyond every moral
in warfare and contracts
and in fertility also

sag mir
ist das ein trugbild
ein spiel
ein rätsel gar
das mir sagt
das sich liebe nicht wiegen läßt

tell me
is that an illusion
a game
a riddle even
that tells me
that love cannot be measured

hey freya
you can tell it to me
come here
really close to me
come and whisper it into my ear

© Original: "?göttliches leiden?": Puck
© Translation: Michaela Macha

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