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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Disting Day
(around February 14th*)

Hail Holy Idises---on this Wih-Disting Day,
Kinswomen of Spae-sight---grant us Wisdom we pray. 
Our Edda's ride Wind-steeds---in fair skies, snow, or rain,
Flying o'er fertile Earth---sowing Meed-seeds of gain.
Praise the Disir powers--Mothers who Guide and Guard,
Our Women of Warding---we Hold in High Regard

Hail Vali of Vengeance--Odhin's Banesman-born Heir,
Master of No-mercy---His tir-fast acts were Fair.
Bale-breaker righted wrongs---Kindred justice was Won,
Thus our Past/Present Kin---once again are as One.
Praise Vali's strength and skill---unjust deeds He shall Deem,
In our hearts He is held---with Honor and Esteem.

Hail Great Goddess Freia---Lady of Life and Light,
Fare forth guised as Gullveig---Sorceress of Seith might.
The beautiful Van-bride--She of Elements and Earth,
Drightine of the Trance-dance---a Beacon-torch of Birth.
Praise Gullveig's greed for gold---She of Ken-fire's Thrice-kiss,
Queen of the Carnal-ride---Seith-craft's Beauty of Bliss.

© Rhonda Turner

Notes: *The poem works well with pages 179-181 of The Book of Troth by Edred Thorsson

Bale--evil, woe, harm
Drightine--female leader
Ken--referring to the Kenaz rune



Image: Matronae. © JBL Statues

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