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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Death Voyage

I have voyaged far to find you,
and I have crashed upon the shoals.
Broken and battered wreckage;
hull barely seaworthy.
Now I set out upon open water;
my final journey has come.
I sail toward the setting sun;
and my voyage beyond the horizon.
Into the lands of death where my god has gone.
The waves lap and oceans slowly churn;
as I am rocked above the halls of Ran.
How many times have I gazed into the depths below?
Prow held high and carved deep;
chiseled by the wyrd of my life.
Let your breath send me across these waters;
fan the flames that feed my destruction.
Take me tattered and aghast;
this wreckage my last offering.
My sails billow in thrashing winds;
raging before the kiss and consumation of the pyre.
Embrace me on this ship of death.
Consume this broken hull;
free my spirit for this journey;
this last most sacred voyage.
For through the flames; lo I do see...
my father's father; my mother's mother;
calling to me from time's dawning;
calling me forth to your dwelling.
Allfather, Valfather.....my love.

2005 Matilda Marks

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