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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Dear Heimdall

My beloved! My betrothed! Never was there such a shining grace!
Light of all the world unfold! I know where you hid your ear, you hear
through all nine worlds told!

How so I miss dancing across Heiminborg's halls,
for you my love you know I would kneel a thrall?
Though you would never hear of it - such is your gentle command,
though they do forget that you too can be quite bold with demand!

I'm never far as you are always near
and the dance, it draws nigh of darkness I fear.
With all my love, son of nine,
I too will weave thee soon out of Odroerir!
I bow before you, king of men, maker of classes and kin!
This is my oath carried on the wind.

Of all the madness and of all the sadness, on Vigrid will fall,
I think your loss will strike me the deepest of all!
Then will I know, my love, the tear turned to amber over the sea
and then will I know the depths of the beginning of eternity.

M Odinsdatter (Ve Vindhler)

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