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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Days Ghazal

Sky lights in the night show the way,
but suns never shine on Monday.

A broken god without a hand,
Old Tew lent his name to Tuesday.

Woden wandered in his great cloak
giving his name to start Wednesday.

Thor’s hammer Mjollnir split the sky
bringing thunderstorms to Thursday.

Sweet Freya sings a song of love,
and we sing, “Thank God it’s Friday!”

Only old Saturn came from Rome,
of the days, his was Saturday.

The seventh day the sun did shine,
and my every day was Sunday.

© Charles L. Weatherford, 04 Mar 2004
PoetryBase). All rights reserved.


Notes: A ghazal is an oriental poetic form over 1000 years old.

Sun image by Michaela Macha - herewith public domain.

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