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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Crossing the Bridge

Where were you when Valfather called?
Where, when the Eye cast its gaze on you?
Were you still roaming the hallowed halls 
of Christendom's tarnished dream?
Or were you a trendy, modern-day pagan 
caught in the cloying clutch of that spell?

What did you bring when you crossed the Bridge?
Are you certain you left all your baggage behind?
What will you lay on the backs of the Aesir 
to add to their burden and toil?
What empty prayers did you drag across Bifrost 
to clutter their sacred halls?

Have you hanged on that ancient, windswept tree?
Have you sacrificed all of yourself to Yourself?
Have you swung on that rope 'til you starved for meat 
and your soul hung naked and raw?
Or are you just playing in Yggdrasil's branches
like a child with a shiny new toy?

Did you take up the Runes with impure hands?
Have you blended their Gold with worthless dross?
What gifts did you bring when you crossed the span 
to lay at Heimdal's feet?
Have you mixed old vinegar with sacred Mead
to sour it for all who would drink?

What food have you brought to the Hall of the Slain?
What drink will you serve at the warriors' feast?
Will you strain a gnat, then swallow your camel
like a Pharisee dictating law?
Or will you bring with you the pure food of Troth 
to be blessed and shared by all?


Image: Double Rainbow. Public Domain, credits to NOAA.

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