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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


How you frighten me
so grim, so terrible
I want to run from your gaze
your eye, fixed on me,
sees too clearly for comfort
dissects me until I cry out-
not knowing what draws your stare
what am I to you, Father of Slaughter?

How you fascinate me
so great, so ruthless,
I want to rush to your side
to belong, to give in to you,
to let myself be seduced
consumed by your power-
not caring what will come of it
what am I to you, Allfather?

How you torment me
so implacable
I struggle against my feelings
opposing myself at every turn
I am no willing sacrifice
I do not want to give in to you -
not knowing where you want to lead me
what am I to you, Terrible One?

How you entice me
so unrelenting
I'm drawn like a moth to a flame,
unable to resist the fire
which I know will be my doom
the closer you feel, the more I pull back -
not capable of escaping your hold
What am I to you, Sleipnir's Rider?

How you consume me,
so inescapable
I feel overwhelmed by your presence,
feel trapped, feel wanted,
feel fated, feel lost, feel taken
by force, by something I can't resist-
not that I'm sure I want to
What am I to you, Odin?

© M. C. Daimler

Image: "Denethor and Gandalf", detail, © Harri Perälä

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