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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Closing Benediction

May Ingvi Frey grant you peace and good seasons.

May you feel the warmth and light of the sunshine,
And be cleansed by the gentle rains.

May you grow, and give your gift to the world,
To feed hungry hearts and souls.

May you rest, safe in the knowledge
That all shall be well in its time.

May you have peace in your home,
And peace in yourself.

May you have the peace that surpasses all understanding,
The peace in the ways of wyrd,
The workings of the world.

May you know the peace
And the full life
That comes in the presence of Frey.

And may Ingvi Frey be gifted by the writing of these words,
And taking the time to read these words,
And put them into practice.

May Ingvi Frey be blessed by our friendship,
Given in appreciation for His goodness.

As His light streams into our hearts,
Let the light embrace the world,
And return to Him more fully.

May we do what Frey asks,
Take care of the world,
And of each other,
And let that love and joy
Be an offering unto Him.

© Nornoriel Vanyahildė


Published as
Sigrun Freyskona in "Gifts of the Golden God"

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