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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Choose Your Words Carefully 

Bragi unleashed the rune-carven tongue
and the torrent of words in the world was begun,
it swelled and it rose, it spiked and then peaked
man in his realm was learning to speak....

He praised all the Gods and his Faith and his kin
and the wealth of the wonders in the world he was in,
and he taught and he sang and he learned how to write
and the pen soon quite equalled the sword in its might...

But the words turned to venom and hatred and strife
and some were uttered at the cost of a life,
Bragi looked down and questioned the choice
that gave this animal man a clear voice...

Choose wisely your words, like your thoughts and your deeds
speak not of base wants, only life-giving needs,
and remember one thing, every word ever spoke
reflects on your Family, your Faith and your Folk...

Johnny Whitebread

Image: "Le montagnard exile", Louis Boulanger, ca. 1827

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